Save Time with Shortcuts

In the Editor

Use these shortcuts to save time as you edit.

  • Create headings with CTRL + ALT + 1–6
  • Toggle bold with CTRL + B or CMD + B on Mac
  • Toggle italic with CTRL + I or CMD + I on Mac
  • Toggle underline with CTRL + U or CMD + U on Mac
  • Insert a link with CTRL + K or CMD + K on Mac
  • Insert an image with CTRL + SHIFT + I or CMD + SHIFT + I on Mac
  • Show the embed panel with CTRL + SHIFT + E or CMD + SHIFT + E on Mac
  • Toggle zen mode with CTRL + . or CMD + . on Mac
  • Show the settings panel with CTRL + , or CMD + , on Mac
  • Save with CTRL + S or CMD + S on Mac

Markdown Shortcuts

While typing in the editor, the following Markdown-style shortcuts can be used to format content instantly as you type.

  • Start a line with one or more # for a heading
  • Start a line with a - or * for a bulleted list
  • Start a line with 1. or 1) for a numbered list
  • Start a line with > for a blockquote
  • Wrap text with an _underscore_ or an *asterisk* for italic
  • Wrap text with two __underscores__ or two **asterisks** for bold
  • Wrap text with two ~~tildes~~ for strikethrough
  • Wrap text with `backticks` for code

Global Shortcuts

The following shortcuts work from any page in the admin panel.

  • Launch the locater with CTRL + P or CMD + P on Mac