All of you know following situation:

You wander through the web, looking for a blogging plattform.
If you find a, for you, suitable piece of software, you have to do:

  • Download
  • Unzip
  • route your local webserver (if you installed on) to the blog folder
  • create a database
  • Edit your host file
  • browse to your super-local-www-address and run the installer

So many steps to dive in a new system and to check, if it fits your needs.

For this reason, I made a live demo system.

Under you'll find a blog powered by Leafpub with all available themes installed.

To change the theme, test the editor or take a look in the backend section, browse to and login. 

Use admin123 as username and password. You can change the theme, test the editor or create a navigation.

Your theme change only affect your session. You don't need to worry about other users. They see the standard theme.

If you got a question or need help, feel free to create a topic in our community.

If you think, that Leafpub is this cool new blogging tool you searched for, check our Download Page