We get closer to the first stable release of Leafpub.
But before a stable version will be released, the new functionality should be tested.

What's new?

  • Maintenance mode
  • Importer
  • Classes for hrefs

Maintenance mode

We all know the situation:
We want to add or test a super cool feature or design but we don't know if it works.
Or we just want to update Leafpub.
Wouldn't it be great to see an info message rather than an Error 403, 404 or 500  page,?
Well... here it is :-D
maintenance coremaintenance template







It works with your actual theme, you don't need to change anything.
On the left you see the core maintenance template, on the right the maintenance template of Range.

All Leafpub themes got an update. The template file is named "partials/maintenance.hbs".

You can change the maintenance message under Settings --> Advanced.


Some of you are using WordPress or Ghost as blogging platform, but want to switch to Leafpub? Well... now you're able to switch and import your blog.
And blog means users, tags/categories, blogposts, pages and media, just everything.


All you have to do is to export your data to a xml/json file.
Upload this file to Leafpub and you're almost done.

If you need to import a lot of media, it would be a good alternative to upload your media via ftp to your Leafpub server rather than load it via cURL.

The importer doesn't have a menu icon nor will you find it in the settings section. You'll find it under yourdomain.tld/admin/import

But there's one snag: the importer is not able to filter the WordPress shortcodes at the moment :-( 

You can download it or read the release notes at github