It's been a long time since my last post. But no post for two months does not mean I'm not working on Leafpub.

As you can see here, I've recently done some additions to Leafpub 1.2 and I'll have a lot of features to implement before the next stable release is ready.


Leafpub got an (optional) dashboard. To activate the dashboard, navigate to the advanced settings tab and  check the option "Show dashboard". After a reload you should see a home button in the left menu.

The dashboard is initially blank. You need to install dahsboard widgets. For the time being I've created 2 demo widgets, Latest Posts and Quick Post.
To add an installed widget to your dahsboard just open the locater (cmd + p) and start typing the widget's name.


As soon as  you have found your widget just hit enter and your widget should appear directly. You will be able to move your widget's position and change its width and height. 
To remove a widget from your dashboard just double click on it.


 The creation/convertion of a slug was revised for non-latin characters. Every non-latin character will be converted into an ASCII character, so the slugs/urls written in polish, german, russian language are more readable now.

Updating Leafpub

One of the first Github issues was auto-updating Leafpub. Auto-updating without human interaction isn't implemented. But as you see there's a new section in the settings now.
This new tab is visible for owners and admins .
Leafpub checks on tab activation the Github repos for updates. Every night at 3 o'clock Leafpub updates the register files. These files includes the Plugin's/Theme's/Language's name and the url to the Github repo.

Available updates (demo)


 Locking posts

While you're editing a post, the post is locked for other users. So there's no risk that 2 users edit a post at the same time.

This post was a little bit longer but there's a lot going on at Leafpub ;-)
I hope you'll enjoy the first beta releases
I would appreciate hearing your thoughts on this, you can contact me via Twitter, Facebook, Google + or at our community forum